Commercial Solar Powered Sign Lights

Commercial Solar Powered Sign Lights

Solar sign lights can double the amount of exposure a sign receives by making it visible even after sunset. The trouble with traditional electric lighting is that they rely on traditional power sources, such as an electrical connection.  This requires the costs of trenched wire, landscaping and the monthly cost of powering the light.  Solar Powered Sign Lights are the solution to these problems. These Solar Powered Sign Lights do not require any electrical wiring, and because the energy of the sun is free to use operating them will cost you nothing. Best of all, since solar power is clean and renewable, they will not emit CO2 and they will not deplete natural resources.

Illuminating signs can do wonders for business.  Doing so adds to the overall exposure of the information by making it visible even after dark, which draws extended and added attention to your brand, location and services.

Specific Types of Solar Powered Sign Lights:

There are Solar Powered Sign Light options to accommodate just about any residential or commercial application. The Dual Solar Spot Light Set is a compact but powerful light which provides 60,000 MCD of Light. The EnviroLight X is ideal for illuminating signs up to 30 feet wide (solar billboard lighting) and is rated at 400 watts. The Genlight Plus is designed for slightly smaller signs, about 8-10 feet wide, and can operate for a full 18 hours. The Commercial Solar Sign Light features 54 LEDs are perfect for signs which are the next size smaller, about 4 to 8 feet wide.

Regardless of the size, or type, of your sign, Solar Light World has a solar sign light (or two) that are perfect for your budget and your environmental concerns.