Solar Bug Zappers

Solar Bug Zappers

The solar powered bug zapper acts as both a bug zapper and a solar light. So the solar bug zapper can illuminate your garden and help to protect your plants and make your outside spaces more comfortable and pest-free at the same time. Solar bug zappers are easy to install and easy to operate.

Using a Solar Bug Zapper

Your solar bug zapper can be placed just about anywhere as long as the location receives adequate sunlight. Light detecting technology allows the solar bug zapper to automatically turn on when the sun goes down and then off again when the sun comes back out.

This works out well, since bugs tend to be at their worst around dusk, right when the solar bug zapper will turn on. With 3 to 4 hours of charging time, the solar bug zapper can operate for a full 8-12 hours.

Advantages of a Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Since solar energy is free to use, the solar bug zapper will cost you nothing to shine its light and control the bugs so that you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Best of all, solar bug zappers are environmentally friendly. Because the energy of the sun is clean and renewable, solar energy products will not harm the environment.

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