Solar Illuminated Step Tiles

Solar Illuminated Step Tiles

Solar Step Tiles are sure to add elegance to any landscape. Inconspicuous in the center of the tile, a small solar cell collects the energy of the sun during the day, allowing the rechargeable batteries to charge. Then, when it gets dark, the four LEDs which are safely encased in clear resin illuminate. Then when the sun comes back out, the light turns off again.

Uses of Solar Step Tiles

Solar step tiles are great for walkways, garden paths, as specialized blocks mixed into your patio, or just placed sporadically throughout your garden or landscape for a quick, elegant change of pace and to increase the mood and atmosphere.

Additional Benefits of Solar Step Tiles

Solar energy products such as Solar Step Tiles require no electricity. For this reason, they are energy efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. They are energy efficient in that, with the latest solar panel technology, they use as little energy as possible to put out as much energy as possible.

Solar energy products such as these are also economical, in that they utilize the energy of the sun, which is free to use. Because solar energy products cost nothing to utilize, they will not add to your electric bill. They can even save you a good deal of money, in that you will not have to rely as heavily on energy sources such as electricity, which does cost money to use.

A third, and very important, benefit which is associated with solar energy products such as Solar Step Tile Lights is the fact that they are environmentally friendly.  Because the energy of the sun is clean and fully renewable, it will not emit harmful CO2 and it will not deplete natural resources. So if you’re looking for efficient, sustainable, cost-effective energy, solar is the way to go.