High-Wattage Portable Solar Energy Systems

High-Wattage Portable Solar Energy Systems

This High-Wattage Portable Solar Energy System produces up to 270 watts of energy in a day. These systems come with everything you need to power your small to medium AC (Alternating Current) applications. This means these systems are capable of powering not only lights, but also a laptop, or power tools, or even a medium-size television.

High-Wattage Solar Applications

These systems are ideal for remote location where you might not have access to traditional electricity.  They are also quite portable, so you can take the system along with you when you go camping. The versatility and portability of these high power solar lighting systems makes them ideal for bringing the comforts of home with you, wherever you go.

Advantages of High-Wattage Solar Lighting

There are economic and environmental benefits to high power, portable solar lighting systems. Solar Systems such as these cost nothing to operate, since they utilize the power of the sun, which is free.

Even more powerful than the economic benefits of solar lighting systems is the fact that they are extremely environmentally friendly. Solar lighting systems use only the free, clean energy of the sun, and will help reduce your carbon footprint, lower your greenhouse gas emissions, and help fight climate change/global warming.